Panasonic NCP System

Advantages of the Panasonic NCP system:

  • Ideal for companies who want to connect to a PRI or T-1 circuit as well as have remote IP phones connected to the system.
  • NCP500 supports up to 40 digital phones and 4 analog proprietary phones or up to 20 single-line telephones.
  • NCP1000 supports up to 108 extensions and 84 CO (POTS) lines.
  • Allows utilization of VoIP and savings on monthly phone bills by installing up to 8 SIP trunks instead of POTS lines.
  • Supports up to 64 wireless phones.
  • Use of an optional VoIP Gateway card allows networking of multiple sites that share 1 voicemail and allow 1 receptionist to answer and transfer calls to either site.
  • Includes Caller ID on all lines.
  • Allows use of Bluetooth compatible phones.
  • Programming can be handled remotely which reduces costs after install.

Phones that work with the Panasonic NCP System:

Desk Phones – KX-DT521, KX-DT543, KX-DT546, KX-NT543, KX-NT546, KX-NT560
Cordless Phones – KX-TCA185, KX-TCA285, KX-TCA385