Panasonic KX-NTV160

✓ The NTV Series provides video surveillance and monitoring, as well as communication with the NS voice system through SIP and Email integration.
✓ There are two models: KX-NTV150 and KX-NTV160.
✓ Install the KX-NTV160 through a PoE power source in outdoor locations, such as front doors for video door phone functionality.
✓ Use the KX-NTV150’s Wi-Fi interface to install cameras in areas with no wired network access. *1
✓ Send email notifications or make phones calls when movement in certain areas is detected at specific schedules.


Video Door Phone

SIP for Video and Audio Support: Communicate with the door phone using compatible terminals

Activate Door Locks: Use your phone terminal keys to trigger door locks

Monitoring Functionality

Event Detection: Detect based on motion, voice, or external interfaces

Real Time Notifications: Send emails or make calls when detecting unauthorized movement

Camera Control Options: Use pan, tilt, and zoom to target specific areas

Built-In Speaker: Activate the speaker phone to alert unauthorized personnel of your presence

Flexible Installation

Wireless Fidelity: Take advantage of Wi-Fi to install cameras at any location

Power over Ethernet: Simple wiring by using the network cable for the power supply

Viewing Options

Built-In Web Viewer: Access the video and audio feeds from compatible web browsers

Direct RTSP Access: Use stable RTSP players for constant monitoring