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Panasonic Phone Systems - Vancouver Washington WA Portland Oregon OR

Miscellaneous How To’s for Panasonic

Remote Voice Mail Access – Get any greeting (whether calling from inside or out) dial  # 6 * mailbox number during the greeting – you will be asked for your password & then you can log in.

Clearing the message light when there are no messages – Push the message light button and then push the Clear button on the display.  You may have to repeat several times to get the light to turn off.

Updating the time on your phones – Must be done from the 1st extension on the system (usually number 100 or 101)

  1. Press PROG and Dial * # 1 2 3 4
  2. Dial 000
  3. Press ENTER
  4. Press NEXT (Display should be flashing the time)
  5. Enter the desired time with the number pad
  6. Press ENTER
  7. Pick up the handset & hang it back up.

Changing the displayed names on the phones – (Must be done from the first extension on the system, usually number 100 or 101)

  1. Press pause **1234
  2. Dial 004
  3. Press enter
  4. Enter extension number you wish to change i.e.. 101
  5. Press the clear button under the display
  6. Enter the letters using the 1-9 buttons on the phone (HINT: use the right arrow when you need two letters that are on the same button i.e.. PQRS are all on the 7 button)
  7. Lift the handset and hang it up to end programming

To pick up a ringing call from another desk – press * 4 1 & the extension number that is ringing (for example if you are at ext. 202 & 214 is ringing, press * 4 1 2 1 4.)

To take a cordless phone out of speaker mode – Press green talk button 2 times to turn on & 3 to turn off.  If that doesn’t work, pull battery out of back of phone to reset.


Toshiba Phone Systems - Vancouver Washington WA Portland Oregon OR

Miscellaneous How To’s for Toshiba

To clear a message waiting light when there are no messages waiting – Press the intercom button, then # 4 0 9 and then the speaker button – up to 4 times to clear incoming intercom calls that were missed.

To change the date or time on a CIX or CTX system

To program personal speed dials –

  1. Do not lift handset!
  2. Press #66 (your display will read Speed Dial and you will hear 3 short tones)
  3. Enter code (100 through 119, your choice and then again you will hear 3 short tones)
  4. Dial 9 plus the telephone number you wish to program (include the 1 if long distance)
  5. Press # (you will again hear 3 confirming tones).
  6. Press Spkr

To call a speed dial number, press the Spdial key followed by the number you assigned in step 3 above.

Conference Calls

  1. Have 1st call on the line with you
  2. Press the CFN/TRN key (the other party will be on hold)
  3. Access another line and make the next call or dial extension number if it’s an internal party, get connected to the 2nd call (they answer)
  4. Press the CFN/TRN key and you will all be connected (to add another person repeat from step 2 up to 8 parties with a maximum of 6 from outside).

To transfer a call directly to voice mail – Press the Trans Vm key, dial the mailbox number and press the # sign.

To program the ring tone of a phone – Dial #9876, press the Line or Intercom key (if you have multiple line keys you will need to press all of them), then enter 11-18 (those are the ring options).  Press the same Line key you pressed previously and the ring for that line is programmed.